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Discover all the amazing possibilities and live the experience.


We’re Changing the Way the World Thinks About Smart Home

We create luxury smart homes that operate in an easy-to-use way for their residents, providing safety and comfort in everyday life.

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We Deliver Unique Smart Building Applications For The Modern Residence


We are listening. That's where it all starts. The way we initially approach a project it is based on the careful consideration of needs and desires. We then propose specific applications, explaining the benefits as well as the features resulting from this integration.


This part of the process reflects the decisions and actions taken in the previous stage. It takes a lot of experience, knowledge and attention in order to make sure that the final result of the implementation of the tasks is the desired one and according to specs.


Our key role is to be able to integrate not only systems but also human relationships. This way we create solid ties with all the professionals of the project, which is giving us the advantage to be able to address the right part of information to the appropriate individual.

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A blend of different people, with different skills.

cognitive represents an entity that puts together all the different technological skills required by the electromechanical infrastructure of the modern residence. Furthermore our hands on experience connect the technological data and the functional elements of the project, providing an holistic approach to the entire installation, offering a unique result that elevates the way we use our space.

The People Who Make it Happen

Made up of different backgrounds and skills, our talented creative team of engineers is the backbone of cognitive. Their ideas shape the direction of our company, and ensure a unique approach on each of our projects. 

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GEMI : 165760803000

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