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Redefining the Smart Home Residence with Luxury and Simplicity

We design smart homes that stand out, for owners who want to live a unique User Xperience of the modern residence.


cognitive was founded in 2019 by Athanasios Iliadis, who integrated into the company all the experience and knowledge he acquired during his career in the field of IT, with an emphasis on systems communication protocols. In 2022 the need to offer a turnkey solution for a modern electrical installation was imperative and so Argyrios Eleftheriotis stepped in as a mechanical engineer and electrician. Having already implemented several residential projects, we have noticed that in this dynamic environment of construction, it is critical to establish a link between the design of the architectural elements and the actual implementation. So in 2023, Katerina K. Konstantopoulou, who already had a lot of experience in construction design and coordination, joined the company as an architect engineer in order to strengthen the fundamental characteristics of the company.

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