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In 2022 we had the honor to participate in the international contest of KNX Association with our project "Downtown apartment". cognitive has been specializing in highly sophisticated KNX projects in the residential sector, with extensive experience in architectural lighting, and HVAC systems. Here you can see the full video of the project.


This building has been given bioclimatic features. One of the fundamental elements of this residence is to analyze the weather data and react to the changes of the climate. With the use of the weather station we receive information about the external microclimate of the residence, so that the smart system of the building can utilize it and enhance the User Xperience of the residents.

Weather Station.png


A cognitive building has it's own bioclimatic features

With the addition of a weather station the building acquires its own bioclimatic senses and thus immediately adapts to weather changes. So for example, the blinds of the pergola adjust automatically when it rains or when there is intense sunshine in order to protect the building and also to create the ideal living conditions.

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